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Max. Length: 426.0m / 1,397.6ft  | Max. Width: 90.0m / 295.3ft  | Max. Load: 900.0 t

Kiel, Germany | Sailing area: Baltic Sea

GERMAN NAVAL YARDS Kiel has specialised in the design and construction of highly-integrated naval vessels. These include frigates, corvettes and offshore patrol vessels. Our shipyards in Kiel are the direct successor to the surface vessel shipbuilding sector of HDW (Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft GmbH). The historic traditions of naval shipbuilding on the Kiel Fjord live on at our shipyards. Vessels of all frigate classes currently used by the German Navy have been built from this shipyard. The GERMAN NAVAL YARDS Kiel shipyard looks back with pride at over 180 years of experience and tradition in shipbuilding. Ships of all frigate classes currently used by the German Navy have been built from this shipyard. Paired with innovative, state-of-the-art shipbuilding, this long-term industrial presence in the naval defence sector is a solid foundation for the professional expertise and activities essential for opening up sustainable opportunities for expansion and growth. Our shipyard group is on the road to expansion. The group's number of employees has been growing since 2009 from about 400 to about 1000. With this we are an important employer in the region contributing to value creation in Germany. Also the Federal Armed Forces appreciate GERMAN NAVAL YARDS as reliable partner in planning, building and maintenance of ships. We bet on teamwork: the high motivation and commitment of our employees as well as the sense of unity within the company make us successful. We prove that shipbuilding in Germany does have a future. The mission statement of the German Naval Yards sets a clearly defined course and heading: to be the best partner you can find. For us, mutual trust and dependability are the fundamental principles of perfect business relationships. At the same time, our management guarantees you outstanding technological capabilities and cost-effective performance. How we achieve our aim? With highly qualified employees. Motivated commitment. And all the resources required for the realisation of the enormous demands we place on ourselves. Our utmost priority is to assure the health and safety of our partners, our colleagues and visitors to our company. We attach great importance to environmental and energy-saving policies in concordance with best business practices. All our activities safeguard and promote the success of our business. Only in this way can we safeguard sustainable value creation and long-term job security. GERMAN NAVAL YARDS Kiel can offer you one of the largest dry docks anywhere in Europe. The site on the shores of the Kiel Fjord has an area of more than 250,000 m². Our facilities comprise 60 cranes, among which is one powerful portal crane with a lifting capacity of up to 900 t and modern, highly automated plants. This is where we build complex, highly-integrated naval vessels and large, non-military vessels for our clients and customers.morehide

Address Werftstrasse 110, 24143 Kiel, Germany
Website http://www.germannaval.com/
Phone +49 431 239 32 0
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OHSAS 18001
ISO 50001
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
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