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<h1>Design & Engineering Services</h1> Design and engineering are critically valuable services in the maritime industry since they comprise a number of tasks that are required for the ship's operation. Design and engineering services are vital because they provide a detailed plan of the ship construction as well as accurate financial projections. The first task in building a ship is to have a correct design; without a proper design, a ship cannot be built. This design is based on the owner's specifications in order to have the precise kind and form. This is essentially a basic principle design that is followed by a real design. After a fundamental plan and framework of the design work is completed, it depends on the ship owner to approve this work and after his approval, the design work is then carried forward where the stability calculations are performed, and the ship is designed to have suitable stability conditions; otherwise, the ship cannot proceed if the stability standards are not satisfied. Steel structures of vessels and subsea components are designed for all phases of work. To check the wave characteristics, stream of water and air on the vessel, numerical investigation and analysis are performed. This is done by using computational fluid dynamics, and various tools are used to provide the best possible solution. This process produces accurate results, and to ensure these results, towing tank experiments are performed on the vessel so that both these results are validated and confirmed. Because there is a requirement for sustainable shipping, the design work must be exact in order for the vessel to operate effectively in the long run. Engineering services comprise all structural work necessary on board and at the shipyard, including deck area, pipe work, dehumidification systems, machinery essential for lift operations, anchor, hatches, and housing facilities. Furthermore, these services are critical in planning the area for main engine systems and accordingly preparing a layout so that proper engine is installed in the particular area. Moreover, nowadays, alternative fuel systems are on the market, so there are storage problems on traditional vessels, so at that time engineering and design services play a vital role in planning and designing a specific area where these systems could be installed and at the same time the structural integrity is maintained. References: 1. <a href="https://www.ship-technology.com/contractors/project/marine-design/ ">Ship-Technology.com</a> 2. <a href="https://deltamarin.com/shipdesign/ship-design-process/ ">Deltamarin</a>


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