Confidentiality and Data Privacy
Frequently asked questions


Thanks for entrusting GmbH in the following “trusteddocks” or “we”.

How can I register for a free account?

You can use the “Log in / Sign up” button on the starting page of which redirects you to the registration page. Either, you log in with your credentials or you sign up with your LinkedIn account or register as a new user with your professional company email address as a shipowner, shipyard or equipment manufacturer.

What is the difference between free and premium accounts?

When you register the first time as a shipowner, shipyard or equipment manufacturer you are automatically in the free version. Depending on the sector you register, the basic modules are for free with limited business intelligence and limitations on lists of shipowners, shipyards and manufacturers. As a premium user, depending on the registered category, you have full access to all features like access to all lists of shipowners and shipyards, all features of the business intelligence tool, marketplace usage, API implementation, 24/7 customer support via phone and email and much more.

Further information you find on under packages.

How can I contact a team member of trusteddocks?

You can contact us anytime either per mail via or by phone:
+49 40 228 59 13 50

How is trusteddocks ensuring that my quotes and offers to clients are protected from hackers and where is the data stored?

trusteddocks is compliant under the EU-General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and handles your data with high care. All the data is stored in the data centre in Frankfurt, Germany,  with the highest security standards, provided by All communications between you and trusteddocks are TLS secured, which is currently the highest standard. 

How does trusteddocks safeguards, that my data and quotes are not seen by the wrong people?

You have full control over your own data that you provide on trusteddocks for your own company. We trust you, the data that you provide is reliable and correct and is visible to all participants who register on 

The docking requests and tender requests sent by a client are only visible to the invited parties. In return, the quotations by the invited parties are only visible to the one client who sends the invitation for the project. 

Is uploading my quotations to trusteddocks more secure than sending them by email?

Yes, an email does not simply go from the sender to the recipient instantaneously. In fact, most emails have to travel across multiple networks and servers before arriving in their intended audience inbox. These pause points expose emails to attack, usually due to unsecured networks, vulnerable servers, and the people savvy enough to hack them. Moreover, because email messages generally aren’t encrypted, hackers who manage to break into a network or server can easily read those emails, as well as any accompanying attachments.

Uploading your quotation to trusteddocks means that everything you upload is encrypted with a TLS Cipher 256-bit key which can have 2256 possible combinations, so a theft needs a lot of motivation and time to crack the possible combinations.

How is trusteddocks making sure that my account isn’t hacked?

We are monitoring the usage of all user accounts and sending our alerts, if we discover conspicuous activities. Nevertheless, you are kindly asked to save your personal login details in a safe place and don’t share them with anybody. If you have any concerns about the way trusteddocks handles your “Personal User Information”, please get in contact with us over our “Contact Form” or via mail with the subject line “Privacy Concerns”.

Who is controlling and responsible for the services?

The controller responsible for the processing of your personal information in connection with the service is trusteddocks GmbH, Dorothea Bernstein Weg 28, 22081 Hamburg, Germany,

Where can I find the terms and conditions?

All capitalized terms have their definition in trusteddocks “Terms of Service”, which you can find here: 

What kind of personal information will be collected directly by trusteddocks?

Registration information: We require some basic information at the time of account creation. When you create your own username and password, we ask you for a valid email address.

Profile information: You may choose to give us more information for your account profile, such as your full name, an avatar which may include a photograph, your biography, your location, your company, and a URL to a third-party website. This information may include “User Personal Information”. Please note that your profile information may be visible to other users of our service.

What is “User Personal Information”?

“User Personal Information” is any information about one of our users which could, alone or together with other information, personally identify them or otherwise be reasonably linked or connected with them. Information such as a username and password, an email address, a real name, an Internet protocol (IP) address, and a photograph are examples of “User Personal Information.”

“User Personal Information” does not include aggregated, non-personally identifying information that does not identify a user or cannot otherwise be reasonably linked or connected with them. We may use such aggregated, non-personally identifying information for research purposes and to operate, analyse, improve, and optimize our Website and Service.

What about cookies, similar technologies and device information?

Where applicable, to your consent, we automatically collect information from cookies and similar technologies (such as cookie ID and settings) to keep you logged in, to remember your preferences, and to identify you and your device. We may collect certain information about your device, such as its IP address, browser or client application information, language preference, operating system and application version, device type and ID, and device model and manufacturer. This information may include “User Personal Information”.

What about global privacy practices?

trusteddocks stores and processes the information that is collected in Germany in accordance with this “Privacy Statement”, though our service providers may store and process data outside Germany. However, trusteddocks understands that its users are from different countries and regions with different privacy expectations, and we try to meet those needs even when Germany does not have the same privacy framework as other countries.

trusteddocks provides a high standard of privacy protection—as described in this “Privacy Statement”—to all our users around the world, regardless of their country of origin or location, and we are proud of the levels of notice, choice, accountability, security, data integrity, access, and recourse we provide. We work hard to comply with the applicable data privacy laws wherever we do business. Additionally, if our vendors or affiliates have access to “User Personal Information”, they must sign agreements that require them to comply with our privacy policies and with applicable data privacy laws.

In particular:

  •     trusteddocks provides clear methods of unambiguous, informed, specific, and freely given consent at the time of data collection, when we collect your “User Personal Information” using consent as a basis.
  •     We collect only the minimum amount of “User Personal Information” necessary for our purposes, unless you choose to provide more. We encourage you to only give us the amount of data you are comfortable sharing.
  •     We offer you simple methods of accessing, altering, or deleting the “User Personal Information” we have collected, where legally permitted.
  •     We provide our users notice, choice, accountability, security, and access regarding their “User Personal Information”, and we limit the purpose for processing it. We also provide our users a method of recourse and enforcement. These are the “Privacy Shield Principles”, but they are also just good practices.

How can I terminate my account and will my data be deleted?

If you really want to leave trusteddocks you can write a message over the contact form or per mail to and we will close your account and delete your data, as well as your “User Personal Information” that we have collected, where legally permitted.