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The Norderwerft shipyard has been a part of the port of Hamburg and the port’s history for more than 100 years, and to this day it stands for top quality and shipbuilding perfection down to the very last detail. As a fully integrated shipyard operation equipped with state-of-the-art shipyard technology and excellent dock conditions, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of services in the areas of repairing, converting, servicing and refitting all types of vessel – from maintenance platforms, container ships and yachts to naval craft and historic boats and ships. Over an area of some 60,000 square metres featuring three floating docks, three quayside berths with a total length of 450 metres and comprehensive technical facilities, including ten dock and quay cranes as well as a range of gantry cranes, Norderwerft provides the ideal conditions for repairs, conversions, refits as well as maintenance and overhaul work for commercial vessels, yachts, working ships and naval vessels up to a length of 200 metres. Optimal production capacities, complemented by the shipyard’s own locksmith’s shop and carpentry workshop, enable our experienced and highly qualified experts to meet even the most complex of our customers’ demands in a timely manner. All of our docks are equipped with supply connections, and the quayside berths are also fitted with CCTV. Tented scaffolding can also be set up at any time. Our passion for shipping and ship repair is demonstrated by the fact that we ourselves make the greatest demands of our own work. Our integrated management system, which is certified in accordance with EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 14001 and EN ISO 50001 underscores this and ensures the best possible quality for our customers, now and in the future, by means of regular inspections. We are now one of Europe’s leading specialists in the areas of ship repairs and complex conversions of all types of vessel up to 200 metres long. Our highly specialised shipyard team will carry out each individual project quickly, reliably and to top quality standards, be it a question of planned repairs or repairs or maintenance at short notice following, for example, damage at sea. Our strong vertical integration, which is rounded off by three floating docks and our own technical crews, gives our professional project managers a high degree of flexibility and offers our customers the best possible parameters for their specific requirements and wishes being met. A conversion increases the ways in which a vessel can be used and maintains or boosts its cost-effectiveness. With many years of experience under their belts, an aptitude for innovation and also expert knowledge, our engineers and specialists are able to carry out highly complex conversions of working, commercial and naval vessels and also yachts to a high degree of precision. We offer our customers innovative customisation solutions for vessels that no longer perform as required or whose components have become outdated, thus impacting negatively on the vessel’s cost-effectiveness – be they working vessels, yachts or naval ships. Our extensive, high-quality modernisation and modification services include the installation of new cargo handling gear and improved electrical systems, complete interior renovation and replacement of the entire propulsion system. In addition to repairs, conversions and servicing, our comprehensive services include preparing vessels for the mandatory renewal of their classifications and for regular interim inspections. All of the well-known classification societies’ inspection processes can then be easily conducted at our shipyard.more

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Elbko Marine Service GmbH

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May 16, 2017

Autohaus Werner Bröhan GmbH

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May 16, 2017

Dramatic year for German shipbuilding

Dramatic year for German shipbuilding

In Hamburg, “about 300” shipyard workers faced redundancy in the wake of the take-over last autumn of Blohm + Voss by Bremen-based Lürssen Maritime Beteiligungen. B+V - once Germany’s mightiest shipyard - has struggled to stay afloat in newbuilding ...

April 20, 2017


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