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<h1>Piping & Fitting Services</h1> The purpose of piping and fitting, on a ship is to have a proper flow and release of various fluids and gases in the ship. These services are different from plumbing services, as plumbing services only come in contact with water and systems based on water, on the other hand piping and fitting services are services which come in contact with flow of gases and with high pressure materials, and deal with dismantling and replacing pipes which transmit chemical substances. These services are very essential and they have to be maintained to keep the vessel intact otherwise it could cause a severe damage to the vessel as there are lot of different pipes which are assigned for various types of flows. These services are mainly responsible for replacing old with new and in case of more damage, otherwise repairing of pipes are done if there are small leakages in pipes. In pipe systems, fittings have been utilized to link normal pipe or tubing parts, make adjustments to various dimensions or patterns, as well as for other reasons such as governing flow. Piping and fittings come hand in hand and due to fittings, the pipe system gets more adaptable and comprehensive. As piping connects different pipes and transfer the flow, at the same time with proper fitting in this piping ensures proper flow in the proper direction, also there are various types of fittings by which it becomes easier to change the direction of flow. The material also should be checked properly for the fittings, as well as they should be in proper dimensions so as to fit correctly in piping, at the same time threading and welding should be done correctly for smooth working of fittings. Pipe fittings have different types and these types must be checked, this includes elbows, valves, bushings, couplings, caps, plugs, nipples, tee fittings and these all types must work smoothly, this all comes under piping and fitting services, as these services monitor these pipe fittings from time to time. Reference: 1.<a href=" https://sevenseasjob.com/Pipe-fitting-3-service ">Sevenseasjob</a> 2.<a href=" https://byf.org/plumber-vs-pipefitter-whats-the-difference/ ">byf.org</a> 3. <a href="https://encyclopedia2.thefreedictionary.com/Ship%27s+Piping+Systems ">Encyclopedia2</a> 4.<a href="https://www.benjaminfranklinplumbing.com/rosenberg/about-us/blog/2013/september/types-of-pipe-fittings-and-their-uses/">benjaminfranklinplumbing.com</a>


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