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Max. Length: 68.0m / 223.1ft  | Max. Width: 28.0m / 91.9ft  | Max. Draft: 20.0m / 65.6ft

Yalova, Turkey-Founded in 2012 | Sailing area: East Mediterranean & Black Sea

Gemak Altınova Shipyard was acquired by Gemak Group in 2012. Construction of new yard was started in 2013, after the award of the contract for fabrication of steel decks for 3rd Bosphorus Bridge to Gemak Group. Within the scope of the investment works of the shipyard, ground improvement of the worksites with a comprising jet grouting and stabilising terrain, partially 100ton/m2 and average 10-11 ton/m2 grout carrying capacity, were completed as well as completely closed and air-conditioned, 67x28x20m dimensioned blasting hall and 68x28x12m dimensioned painting hall was built up for blasting and painting of fabricated constructions in enclosed halls for ensuring best climate conditions and environmental friendly operation, independent from the weather conditions. In additional the above ,segment assembly platforms and panel fabrication workshops were prepared both for European and Asian side segments of the bridge. For the transportation of large and heavy structures, self-propelled modular heavy load carriers (SPMT) with combination of 36 axles and 1.440 tonnes load capacity has been purchased as well as load out quay has also been utilized for transferring large structures onto the transportation vessels by means of SMPTs. 3rd Bosphorus Bridge (Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge), which is the most spectacular section of the Northern Marmara Highway Project, reaches a height of 322 metres, width of 59 meters and is 1.408 metres length has been fully completed and delivered with a significant track record of construction pace in our shipyard . Entire work of bridge construction work scope consists of steel deck fabrication consisting of 59 segments and weights about 48.000 tons, mega panel fabrication, segment fabrication, trial assembly, blasting & painting, transportation to vessel by using own SPMTs, delivery to construction site using a deck cargo ship M/V “NETA” which has been equipped with Dynamic Positioning System (DP-1). Gemak Altınova Shipyard has also been completed powership conversion projects, which are the ships that are mounted fully integrated floating power plants. Within the scope of projects, two of 290x45 m bulk carriers have been converted to Powership those are generating electricity with 21 of Diesel Generators, built utilizing dual fuel engine technology with fuel flexibility through HFO, Natural Gas and 2 of steam turbine. Entire work of each project scope consists of 7,000 tons of steel and 1500 tons of pipes fabrication, blasting, painting, installation and more than 1,500 pcs equipment instalation. 450MW floating power plant capacity powerships will supply power directly into the transmission network from its onboard high-voltage substation from ports of countries. Gemak Altınova Shipyard has already reached steel fabrication and painting capacity for large steel structures. Shipyard will continue to take increasing role in construction of off-shore platforms, floating docks, bridges, large sections of ships and repair/conversion of the all kind of vessel up to 400m in close future. Shipyard is founded on total 147.805m² area, which consists of 12.999m² closed and 134.806.401m² open facilities.morehide

Address Çavuşçiftliği Köyü, Devlet Yolu Altı Mah. Tersaneler Cad. No:56, 77700 Yalova, Turkey
Website https://www.gemak.com/
Phone +90 226 461 50 37
Fax +90 226 461 50 34
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OHSAS 18001
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
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