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<h1>Ship Repairs</h1> For a ship is it not easy to sail for decades, there are many challenges and all these challenges need to be overcome in order to have ship for maximum years, these challenges come in many forms to keep the ship safe from these challenges, it is very difficult, because there has to be periodic inspection which ensures that the ship has no major damages and if there are any damages then the repairing work is carried out immediately so that the ship can perform well in its lifespan. There is a need for meticulous planning, to operate a vessel, in its best productive and economical way. Vessel repair operations are required to keep the ships in excellent shape in accordance with classification organizations' criteria. Repairing of a vessel is a very critical operation, as it has to be done in specific time schedule and at the same time it should be completed with perfection. If the ship has to be repaired extensively on a large substantial basis, then it is necessary that the ship is taken away from its service for some time so that it can get repaired in a shipyard by the experts. Inadequate servicing and repairing of vessel have direct effect on the earnings and performance of the vessels, also various vessel systems start to deteriorate due this it results in high management expenses of a vessel. Further, it is also not good from the ecological point of view, as there are various sections of a vessel where are there are many treatment facilities, so if these facilities do not work as desired it can also harm the ecosystem, so for their desired work, they need to get serviced and repaired after a specific time interval. Apart from that, there are various other sections of the ship which are repaired, these sections include hull repairing which is considered very important and also this part of the ship gets damaged easily so it has to be inspected and repaired so that there is increase in ship’s speed and at the same time there is less fuel consumption of the ship. Then, thrusters, propellers and rudders are also properly examined and in case of damage they are repaired to ensure proper performance of the vessel. There are many electrical equipment on the board and due to which there is easy sailing of a vessel, so in order to keep them functioning it is essential that they are maintained and repaired after certain time gap. Other than this there are engine repairs, crane repairs, deck repairs, also pipeline and valves repairs which are carried out and because of these repairing works, a ship can sail for a long span of time otherwise it is not that easy for a ship to sail continuously without being serviced or repaired.

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