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Pekar Group

Max. Length:2xx.x M  | Max. Width:5x.x M

Yalova, Turkey-Founded in 2007 | Sailing area: East Mediterranean & Black Sea
  • New Buildings
  • Repairs
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    • Conversions

HAT-SAN Shipyard’s experienced and industrious management successfully lead fresh investments to build any type of vessel or marine construction in turn-key basis and to carry out ship repair/maintain works. The yard also serves for different type conversion projects with its piers and slipways. Among the others the yard has already delivered an oil product tanker, four pieces purse seiner/trawler hulls (painted and outfitted), a work barge. Presently, HAT-SAN Shipyard has satisfactorily repaired around 63 vessels within 20 months since the start of operation of its home built floating dock in July 2014 until February 2016. We are proud to announce that our floating dock “HAT-SAN DOCK 1” has been sold and delivered to our client in middle of March 2016. We will continue our ship repair activities soon with a “panamax size” floating dock by increasing our capacity. Four different conversion projects are handled at the moment at the yard and more projects are expected in the near future.more

Address Hersek Mah. Tersaneler Cad. No:32 Altınova, 77700 Yalova, Turkey
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Phone +90 226 461xxxx
Fax +90 226 461xxxx
Main email xxxxxxxxx@hat-san.com.tr
~ 5.0 NM
Maintenance / Repairs

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Yalova, Turkey
~ 5.5 NM
New BuildingsMaintenance / Repairs

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~ 7.8 NM
New BuildingsMaintenance / Repairs

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~ 8.2 NM
New BuildingsMaintenance / Repairs

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