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<h1>New Buildings</h1> The word new buildings refer to ship buildings in maritime industry. These new buildings mainly involve construction of big ocean ships generally built with steel, particularly plain carbon or mild steel are mostly preferred. In modern shipbuilding, there are vast changes compared to the traditional shipbuilding. As an advancement from the traditional research fields of ship design and technology, new notions regarding protection and healthcare concerns, as well as ecological effects, are now included in new buildings. Shipbuilding is utilized to create big ships that may be used for both commercial and military purposes on the high seas. This covers the construction of container and freight ships, as well as cruise ships. Shipbuilding is a rigorous procedure since minor flaws might lead to disastrous breakdowns in operations. Today, these new buildings are often done at a shipyard and can be finished on-site by welding pre-assembled sections of a ship collectively. For the adoption of new environmental standards, there must be proper renovation or design components of new buildings which should be assessed while the construction of new buildings. Technological advancements tend likely to have varying effects on shipbuilding. Since technological, organizational, and administrative challenges for marine industry are changing all the time, there is a necessity to broaden understanding of modern and developing issues in shipbuilding. For new buildings, there are certain rules and regulations under each flag, those rules must be taken into account while construction of new buildings. Now as the traditional fuel vessels are slowly converting into newer alternative fuel systems, so when building a new vessel, it must be taken into consideration and for that proper infrastructure should be made so that there are no complications further for the ship owner. Therefore, now the new shipbuilding process is mainly related to ships with minimal emissions and high energy efficiency. Modern shipbuilding innovations are mainly flexibility in design, economical modification, waste minimization, and digital asset tracking management. These points are very important today, since the new buildings which will be constructed today should not be relatable to traditional buildings because these new buildings should have the infrastructure to adapt new digitalisations which are now coming into the maritime industry. References: 1.<a href="https://www.twi-global.com/technical-knowledge/faqs/what-is-shipbuilding#WhatTypeofIndustryisShipbuilding ">Twi-global</a> 2. <a href="https://www.intechopen.com/chapters/16925">Intechopen</a>

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