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Max. Length: unlimited  | Max. Width: 80.0 m  | Max. Draft: 13.5 m

Dalian, China-Founded in 2007 | Sailing area: South East Asia (China, Vietnam)

Dalian COSCO KHI Ship Engineering Co.,Ltd. (DACKS), jointly invested by China Ocean Shipping Group Company(COSCO) and Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. (KHI), established on 18 July 2007, with an initial investment of 2.62 billion RMB, is a second modernized large-scale shipbuilding joint venture, following the success of Nantong COSCO KHI Ship Engineering Co.,Ltd.(NACKS). DACKS, as a project listed in the National Long-Medium Term Development Scheme of Shipbuilding Industries, located at Dalian Lvshun,covering a land area of 1.88 million square meters with a building area of 440,000 square meters, a water area of 1.66 million square meters, and a coast line of 1955 meters long; DACKS has around 2,000 staff, including 300 professional technical management personnels. The shipyard has been designed with the following production facilities: two large docks, one of which is 700 meters long and is the longest dock in China, three large outfitting quays (including one to be built), one material quay, one Asia’s largest suit-assembly workshop covering a land area of 124,000 square meters, two assembly workshops, one pipe workshop, and three painting workshops (including one to be built). After the entire project completed. DACKS will finally achieve a layout of two docks and four berths. DACKS mainly constructs large size bulk carriers. VLCCs (Very Large Crude Carrier). VLOCs (Very Large Oil Carrier), large size container ships with capacity over 10,000 TEC,6200 PCCs (Pure Car Carrier). LNG(Liquefied Natural Gas) Carriers and other large-scale high-performance merchant vessels. DACKS. with the goal of “Building world-class ships from world-class shipyard" .promoting quality, environment and occupation health safety management standards, introducing the most advanced shipbuilding technology, manufacturing process, and management practice from NACKS and KHI. strive to build a most competitive world-class shipyard in the shipbuilding industry.morehide

Number of employees : 2000

Address No 20, Haiyun Road, Lushun Economic Development Zone,, 116052 Dalian, China
Website http://www.dacks.com.cn/
Phone 0411 39368018
Fax 0411 39368115
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Currently 27 ships under constraction / orders in this shipyard.

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Newbuild Orderbook
Order Status Vessel Type Order Date Delivery Date
Ordered Bulk carriers 2022-Jun-01
Ordered Bulk carriers 2022-Oct-01 2024-Sep-30
Ordered Bulk carriers 2022-Jun-01
Ordered Bulk carriers 2022-Sep-01 2024-Jul-31
Ordered Bulk carriers 2022-Jun-01 2024-Jun-30
Ordered Bulk carriers 2022-Jun-01 2024-May-31
Ordered Bulk carriers 2022-Jun-01
Ordered Bulk carriers 2022-Jun-01
Ordered Bulk carriers 2022-Jun-01 2024-Nov-30
Ordered Container vessels 2021-Sep-01 2025-Dec-31
Ordered Container vessels 2021-Sep-01 2025-Apr-30
Ordered Container vessels 2021-Sep-01 2024-Dec-31
Ordered Container vessels 2020-Mar-01 2023-Oct-31
Ordered Container vessels 2020-Oct-01 2024-Jul-31
Ordered Container vessels 2020-Oct-01 2024-Apr-30
Ordered Container vessels 2021-Sep-01 2025-May-31
Ordered Container vessels 2020-Oct-01 2024-Jan-31
Ordered Container vessels 2022-Oct-01 2028-Jun-30
Ordered Container vessels 2020-Mar-01 2023-Jul-31
Ordered Container vessels 2022-Oct-01 2027-Oct-31
Ordered Container vessels 2020-Oct-01 2024-Oct-31
Ordered Container vessels 2021-Sep-01 2025-Oct-31
Ordered Container vessels 2022-Oct-01 2028-Feb-29
Ordered Container vessels 2022-Oct-01 2027-Jun-30
Ordered Container vessels 2022-Oct-01 2027-Feb-28
Ordered Tankers 2022-Oct-01 2025-Nov-30
Ordered Tankers 2022-Oct-01 2026-Mar-31

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