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<h1>Maintenance / Repairs</h1> Maintenance of ships is very important, in order to keep them in service for several years and also from the economical point of view maintenance is very essential for ships. To maintain ships in excellent operating condition, they require sturdy designs as well as constant maintenance and refurbishment operations. A vessel has a variety of complicated technology which require routine maintenance to ensure its endurance. The best way to maintain a vessel is strategic planning and efficient technology utilization. Maintenance occurs in many ways, and its use may range from one firm to the next based on their distinct needs. According to the maintenance policy or plan of the firm, the respective firm generally selects the optimum effective maintenance strategy for different vessel's components. Because of the difficulty and the responsibilities on maritime companies to adhere with particular policies and procedures, appropriate maintenance strategy is necessary. If maintenance strategies are not followed properly then it can cause the vessel in its long run and due to this there will be huge loss for maritime companies, so in order to make profits and stable financial statement maintenance of vessels is very essential. The companies should carefully arrange the maintenance program, so that the vessel faults and failures might be prevented. For maintenance of a vessel there are different ways and these ways must be followed by the owner of the vessel in order to keep the vessel in good condition. Maintenance of the vessel can be done by proper planning, this is often referred as planned maintenance system, which is a popular time tracking method for equipment wherein there is regular servicing, examinations, and product upgrades. Maintenance of the ship can also be done by corrective maintenance, which is primarily concerned with eliminating catastrophes by guaranteeing the appropriate operation of machinery until they fail. Then there is predictive maintenance, which works, such that the decision to do maintenance is based on the existing state or dependability of the device. Hence, by applying these ways of maintenance, the life of the vessel can be improved and at the same time performance of the vessel will also get enhanced, and also it would be more effective from economical perspective. References: 1.<a href=" http://shipsbusiness.com/pollution-by-overboard-maintenance.html ">Shipsbusiness.com</a> 2.<a href=" https://www.norshipsale.com/the-importance-of-maintaining-a-ship-for-buyers/ ">Norshipsale.com</a> 3. <a href="https://www.polygongroup.com/en-US/blog/how-predictive-maintenance-can-help-your-marine-ships-from-being-permanently-damaged/ ">Polygongroup.com</a>

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