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Yalova, Turkey-Founded in 2014 | Sailing area: East Mediterranean & Black Sea
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Dogruyol shipyard will be able to perform corrective and preventative maintenence activities for all kinds of sea vessels, with the floating dock that belongs to our company which is 128 meter in length and 30,1 meter in width and also there is a 150 meter port and 66 meter dock for maintenence activities. In addition to all of these facilities, our shipyard will be able to build new sea vessel construction projects in a 33 meters to 80 meters closed area.more

Address Hersek M. Tersaneler C. B9 Tersane Alanı, Altınova, 77700 Yalova, Turkey
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Phone +90 226 461xxxx
Fax +90 226 461xxxx
Main email xxxx@dogruyolshipyard.com