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The main feature of Palermo shipyard is the flexibility of a Repair Yard in addition to the construction capacity typical of a Building Yard. The Yard is equipped with all the facilities necessary for the construction of vessels and offshore units, it can also be utilized for the prefabrication of large steel structures. The two graving docks and the two floating docks enable the yard to carry out a full range of ship repairs and conversions on any type of vessel. Vessels with inert gas can also be accommodated. Drafts at berths allow the wet docking of large offshore units. There is a machine shop for general repairs on diesel engines, and auxiliary machinery, for reconditioning diesel engine piston crowns, propeller repairs, the replacement of liners, etc., as well as a lathe for large diameter crankshafts and shrink-fitting equipment.more

Address Via dei Cantieri, 75, 90142 Palermo, Italy
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