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<h1>Conversions</h1> It requires a huge amount of time, effort, and expenses to build a completely new ship; therefore, there is a way where the ship is not built from the start but is converted to a new ship by changing the dimensions, various sections of the ship, and sometimes the type of the ship can be changed in order to utilize the ship in some other tasks rather than its usual task. These conversion projects need thorough study, strategy, and implementation. Nowadays, it is observed that a ship does not work in the traditional way, that is, only for the purpose for which it was built, but also for other activities, and thus it is very cost effective and convenient to transform a current ship into a new one, either partially or fully depending on the shipowner. Today, as there is a need for sustainability in shipping, many ships are required to have proper exhaust systems fitted so that there is less emission from ships. Additionally, there are alternative fuels available in the market, so a traditional propulsion system of a ship can be converted to a new propulsion system, saving much time rather than building a completely new ship with new propulsion system. Furthermore, a traditional ship that lacks facilities like a modern ship can be converted, where it is not necessary to build a new modern ship but it is easier to simply convert the traditional ship by adding all the necessary facilities and equipment, which may take some time but definitely it would take less time than building a new modern ship. When converting a ship, the original ship is refurbished in such a manner that it receives a new style and structure, therefore it is basically a mixture of ship repairing and ship building work. Ship conversion necessitates advanced project management and technical capabilities, as it is difficult to convert an established ship into a totally new ship without these abilities. References: 1. <a href="https://www.damenshiprepair.com/en/services/conversion ">lDamenshiprepair.com</a> 2. <a href="https://www.hr-gruppe.de/en/ship-building/ship-conversion">lhr-gruppe</a>


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