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<h1>Spare Part Service</h1> For a ship to perform continuously, proper spare part service is required; otherwise, it is not good for the ship's performance because it will stop working and then have to be at berth for some time, which results in additional costs; however, if spare part service is adequate, there are fewer issues for a ship and it sails smoothly. If there are spare component shortages and scarcity, it may result in extended shutdowns, causing interruptions in the vessel's operation. To avoid these interruptions, there exist services that assure that these spare components are available to the vessel during the repair process. These are the responsibilities of the maintenance department, and there are experts who plan the vessel's maintenance accordingly. Nowadays, thanks to advanced technology, monitoring of the equipment is easier and can be projected, so with the help of these forecasts, there should be an adequate supply of spare parts to ensure proper operation of the equipment. The propulsion system in a ship is considered to be the most significant and crucial, so spare parts for these systems are very valuable, and if there are no replacement parts available immediately, it induces a critical challenge for a ship, and it is not good for a ship to be out of service for many days. Although these are backup services, they should be prioritized because it is not possible for a vessel to operate for a lifetime without its parts being replaced. After a certain period of time, the parts become damaged, or even if they are not affected, they must be replaced by spares in order to avoid a breakdown during operation. There are many responsibilities for a vessel because a lot of business is carried out by ship transport around the world. In order to have these shipments at the desired time, spare part service plays a significant role in this, as if these services are not up to the standard, are insufficient, or are unavailable, it causes adverse effects and results in more expenditure and is also time consuming. Therefore, these services ensure that time is saved as well as the cost of repair and control is reduced. References: 1. <a href="http://sudoservice.de/en ">Sudo Service</a> 2.<a href="https://www.rolls-royce.com/~/media/Files/R/Rolls-Royce/documents/customers/marine/services-brochure2.pdf ">Rolls-Royce</a>

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