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<h1>Warehousing/Storage in the maritime</h1> Warehouses are significant in the maritime sector since a lot of commerce is done by ships from different nations. These warehouses ensure that various shipments holding various commodities are maintained properly and without hassle. Basically, it is a place specialized for conveniently preserving commodities and supplies. Warehouses are necessary for all types of trade done globally. These warehouses guarantee that the items are properly stored and maintained till the respective items arrive at their destination. Warehousing is not as simple as it looks; it entails a variety of obligations since once commodities arrive at warehouses, it is the job of that specific warehouse to maintain the items safe and secure. Warehouses have transformed and grown extremely significant in the movement of commodities as a result of international market's expectations. Today, there are numerous innovative technologies in practically every industry, including warehouses, where the items can be kept safe and managed appropriately. There are several departments, so different sorts of items are housed in different areas, as some products require that they are not exposed to the exterior atmosphere, but others require a different atmosphere where they are exposed to the sunshine and are not covered by anything. Nowadays, to ensure that storage organizations are developing and performing better, the specific storage organization should be equipped with all new facilities, for example, the storage system should always be updated, there should be no lags as currently in the era of online everyone tracks the shipment and for a much more positive approach the storage facility has to have all the technology up to date so that it becomes easier for the clients. However, to function more effectively while housing higher quantities of products, warehouses should engage in automation and robotics. These technologies aid in the management and distribution of goods in a more efficient manner while also saving a significant amount of time. Because these technologies are controlled by automated systems, human errors are reduced; however, these systems must be managed and maintained properly in order to function properly. References: 1. <a href="https://www.marineinsight.com/maritime-law/guide-to-types-of-warehouses-for-shipping/ ">Marine Insight</a> 2. <a href="https://stockarea.io/blogs/8-major-functions-of-a-warehouse/ ">Stock Area</a> 3.<a href=" https://www.porttechnology.org/news/can-warehouses-transform-port-operations/">porttechnology.org</a>

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