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<h1>Scrubber Installation</h1> According to IMO 2020, all vessels from 1st January 2020, should reduce the sulphur content in vessel fuel, so as to have a good atmosphere with enhanced air quality, thereby conserving the ecosystem as well as making human health better than ever. By lowering the amount of sulphur oxide from vessel, it will considerably save the ecology and boost the health system of humans which nowadays is degrading because of numerous gases in the atmosphere making the health system weaker and weaker day by day. Also, from the ecological point of view, sulphur oxide is very hazardous so taking all this into consideration there are now stricter rules which should be followed by each vessel. For new ships, there are new alternative fuels, but for existing ships, these alternative fuels are possible but when economically it is considered the expenses are high, so the option is to use very low sulphur fuel oil or to have scrubbers installed which eliminates sulphur oxides to proper limit as stated by IMO. So, the option of scrubber installation is a viable option and should be used by existing vessels in order to reduce the sulphur emission. Scrubber installation is now carried out on numerous vessels, to follow the norms and meet the standards set by IMO. The scrubber is installed and linked to the exhaust pipe. There are some changes done so as to fit in the scrubber properly. So, it is basically an exhaust gas scrubber, it’s working is very simple at the same time efficient; when the exhaust from the scrubber tower is moved, all of the compounds that are mostly pollutants and are highly dangerous to the ecosystem are eradicated with the help of the tower's spray system. It works because the water is mixed with all of the gases, which removes all of the pollutants that aren't beneficial or are hazardous. When this process is completed, the water turns acidic because the pH of the water is dropped. Afterwards when, the pH is neutralized, and the remaining water, which is considered wastewater or water with toxic elements, is moved to a facility where it is treated and many of its toxic elements are eliminated, and this treated sewage water goes through certain sensor units that check the water, and if this water meets the requirements set by the regulations, it is disposed to the sea. Scrubbers are categorized into wet and dry scrubbers. The installation of scrubbers is an expensive option still it is a good option for heavy fuel oil vessels, as the sulphur emission can be reduced at much higher level and it meets the international standards. References: 1. <a href="https://www.imo.org/en/MediaCentre/HotTopics/Pages/Sulphur-2020.aspx ">IMO</a> 2. <a href="https://www.pacificgreen-group.com/articles/what-scrubber-fitting-process-find-out-detailed-explanation ">Pacificgreen-group</a>