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<h1>Marine Project Management</h1> Project management is required in every industry because large projects are scheduled in a specified time frame and must be completed within that time frame, and this project management is also essential so that the expenditure and aims of the work are met. Project management is critical in the maritime industry since there are several projects with strict deadlines. There are competent and experienced employees recruited for project management, and there is a project manager who supervises and coordinates all of the personnel and crafts a specific approach and methodology to finish the assignment. In the maritime industry, project management is concerned with the overall plan, which encompasses determining on a specific ship type as well as the improvements and configuration of the specific ship, where in it also looks for the constitutional standards as well as protection and safety guidelines to guarantee the ecosystem's safety. A lot depends on the project plan in project management, it is extremely significant because it emphasizes a balanced approach and aims to fulfil the targets in a definite timespan. Although time and money are important factors in any project, quality and standard of the service is also important in project management because in many occasions team members overlook quality and standard in order to make the service available on time, but the experts and team leader then control this and focus on quality and standard of the service also. In the maritime sector, there are various services involved, and as a result, there are various projects. These services include repairing services, cleaning of different sections of ships, inspection services, diving services, and numerous other services that are interconnected, and all of these services are required in a specific time period because a ship cannot be kept out of service for an extended period of time, so project management is very vital in the shipping business. Without project management, it is very difficult to build new vessels, because there are many steps for building a vessel and all of this is covered under a certain strategic plan where the experts in project management design a plan and approach to satisfy the specifications within the financial plan and allocated time. Furthermore, project management is also difficult because while developing a plan, the project management team must forecast various environmental catastrophic events as well as governmental and economical changes. There are also some calamities that are uncertain, which a project manager and the team should discuss and accordingly set up a plan to reduce the influence of any of such calamities on the project. References: 1. <a href="https://www.apm.org.uk/resources/what-is-project-management/ ">APM</a> 2. <a href="https://www.maritime-executive.com/article/principles-of-project-management ">Maritime-Executive</a> 3. <a href="https://inmyr.com/shipbuilding-project-management/">Inmyr</a>

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