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<h1>Cleaning & Blasting Services</h1> The cleaning and blasting procedure are mostly conducted on the ship's hull to remove any dirt and debris that has accumulated on the surface of the hull. Cleaning and blasting are accomplished using a variety of methods and approaches. A famous way of blasting method is sandblasting which is performed widely for many ships, this is because it ensures that the surface gets thoroughly cleaned and is completely free from dust and other sand particles so that the surface is ready for the coating purpose. On the other hand, there is a procedure known as shot blasting, which employs the same abrasive approach as sandblasting. Both of these methods have comparable advantages and are capable of removing debris from the ship's surface. Sandblasting can harm human health; it is no longer used in many countries around the world. Additionally, the abrasive methods that are used in that it is required to have a very low free silica percentage that is less than 1. Today, there are many abrasive methods for blasting services which are utilised by marine industries. Nowadays, ultra-high pressure water jets are employed to facilitate effective surface cleaning. Because the pressure is so high, it assures that the minute dust particles and fouling existing on the vessel's surface are cleaned. This is also an excellent cleaning method. It helps to eliminate the existing coverings and corrosion, and at the same time it also cleans the fixed concentrated salt on the surface. Also, water blasting technique has very less impacts on the ecosystem, and has less expenses than the other techniques for used for blasting. Cleaning services also include tank surface cleaning, bilge cleaning, and sewage tank cleaning, which is why having competent cleaning services for a vessel is critical. Tank cleaning is very necessary so that there is no debris and corrosion remnants attached to the bottom of the tank. Overall, a good cleaning and blasting activity on the surface of a vessel will benefit the vessel and will result in less spending in the future provided correct activities are made beforehand. References: 1. <a href="https://greatlakesminerals.com/post/benefits-of-using-abrasive-blasting-before-surface-coating/ ">Greatlakesminerals.com</a> 2. <a href="https://www.gritco.com/can-i-use-just-any-sand-for-blasting ">Gritco.com</a> 3.<a href="https://ardengemi.com/en/hizmetlerimiz/ship-cleaning-works/">Ardengemi.com</a>


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