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<h1>Maritime Logistics</h1> The term logistics is the most significant term in the shipping sector since the shipping business cannot survive without successful logistics management. Logistics management entails a number of different tasks such as shipping of commodities from one location to the other, packing, storage, and inventory management; hence, a proper logistics management system is critical. Logistics management is essential in the maritime industry because the majority of commerce is based on the transportation of commodities, and logistics management is not only concerned with transportation but also with the background of transportation, which means it is concerned with conceptual planning, functional units, and various tactical activities in order to boost transportation and make it more effective. There are many commodities and materials that are transferred from one country to another, and the preferred mode of transport for this is water, so lot of global trade and economics is dependent on the maritime sector, and for this there should be an effective logistics system in place, because if logistics services are not properly managed, there are unnecessary expenditures and delays, which cost even more because everything is dependent on the schedule dates, and later it becomes difficult to manage. Furthermore, substantial logistics management guarantees that no harm is caused to items when shipping commodities, which is critical for a client; hence, logistics management improves ties between the company and the receiving client. Every sector has gone digital, and there are numerous benefits to doing so. In logistics management, it helps by making the management more automated, resulting in cost savings, and also improving the miscalculations that are commonly seen in logistics services, thereby improving the quality and making the service more effective with consuming less time. It is easy to analyse data using automated systems, and it is also easy to refine the ship way, which can assist to minimize fuel consumption and so make products shipping more sustainable. Thus, an excellent logistics management service in the maritime area can connect different nations throughout the world in a more sustainable and beneficial manner. References: 1.<a href=" https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logistics ">Wikipedia</a> https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logistics 2.<a href="https://isarder.org/2017/vol.9_issue.3_article27_extensive_summary.pdf ">Isarder</a> 3.<a href=" https://www.getfareye.com/insights/blog/what-is-logistics-management">Getfareye</a>

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