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<h1>Mechanical Services</h1> Mechanical services in vessel mainly include services related to main engines, turbochargers, gas turbines and propellers. If mechanical services are not maintained properly, or if they are ignored it can cause adverse effects on the vessel’s voyage. Now, in case of main engines, it is very important that they perform well, therefore for its performance it has to be maintained accordingly. A ship’s main engine, should be inspected after certain time period. The overhauling of engine is very necessary, the engine should be inspected but at the same time if there are certain damages to the components of engine, they should be replaced immediately. This overhauling of an engine is a crucial mechanical service and plays major role in life of a vessel. Mechanical services also include installation of auxiliary engines. Repairing of a turbocharger comes under mechanical services, turbocharger if not repaired then it can have effect on the efficiency of the engine. Propellers also should be checked after a certain time, as the blades and other surfaces of propellers, to ensure they are in good condition, all this comes under mechanical services. Heat exchangers are inspected and maintained properly, under mechanical services. Fuel injection pumps, fuel injection valves are checked and tested so that they are kept in good condition, the proper maintenance of these pumps and valves also comes under mechanical services and should be carried out frequently after certain time period. Also, servicing of speed governors is a part of mechanical services.


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