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<h1>Vessel Upgrades</h1> Today, in every area, there are upgrades in which a conventional system is no longer continued and is replaced by a new system; similarly, in vessels, old methods are upgraded by new contemporary systems, which ensure a far greater performance than the previous system. Building a vessel needs, lot of money and takes a long time, but there are other options where a vessel may be upgraded and match current industry expectations in less time and with less money. Today, there are various challenges in the maritime industry concerning emissions from vessels and how to control the emissions, as well as discussions concerning the vessel's performance, as the shipping industry must make some changes in order for the vessel to remain in service for an extended period of time with improved performance due to increased trade and demand around the world. Traditional vessel propulsion systems emit a significant pollutant, and many older vessels lack a properly upgraded navigation system. There are several propulsion systems options accessible on the market that are required for a vessel to update since they ensure low environmental contamination with reduced fuel usage. Vessel upgrades also involve engine improvements, as suitable upgrades are required to enhance the performance of the engine, since engines are the most vital section of the vessel and if these engines fail, it has a significant influence on the vessel's performance. There are numerous sounds and shocks from a vessel that are noticed in many old vessels that are also improved, and the stability of the vessel, which is extremely vital for a vessel to sail smoothly, is also tested and if required upgraded so that the vessel can sail effectively in the long term. Furthermore, propellers are updated to improve the vessel's effectiveness and performance due to which is helps in cutting oil consumption. Mechanical and electrical services on board are also upgraded in a vessel upgrade because these services are very essential for a vessel to perform for a long period of time, and if these services are not upgraded, spare parts for these components are not available, which becomes a huge problem for a vessel. As a result, if the vessel is upgraded as per the future needs, spare parts for defective components are widely available, the vessel's functioning is enhanced, engine overhauls are reduced, servicing expenses are lowered, and the most important benefit is the vessel's sustainability, which is achieved by lowering the vessel's emission gasses and saving fuel oil making the ecosystem clean. References: 1. <a href="https://www.wartsila.com/marine/services/lifecycle-upgrades ">Wartsila</a> 2. <a href="http://www.jensenmaritime.com/what-we-do/modifications-upgrades/">Jensen Maritime</a>