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<h1>Administration</h1> The maritime industry is a large industry, and countries all over the world are connected with each other through shipping business, and there is a lot of transport of goods from one place to another via vessels; for this, there is a proper administration that looks after certain rules and regulations in the specific country, while also checking international conventions. This administration is in charge of a variety of operations in the marine sector. The maritime administration examines numerous operations carried out along dock areas, such as new structures, examinations and audits of various regions around the port, safety and security measures, and the forecasting of weather and waves. Every country has its own flag state, and specific regulations must be observed in that flag state. The maritime administration department must look after this flag state and regulate it in order to have sufficient security and safety protocols under the associated flag. This administration is regarded as the official body that engages with marine commercial organizations as well as other maritime sectors for security and safety standards within its nation, and it guarantees that the ship adheres to all regulations under the flag under which it is operating. The maritime administration looks at port administrations, where it is necessary for a ship entering another country's port to have proper documentation, and the authorities look for international as well as national norms, as well as different conventions established by the International Maritime Organization. Ship operations and management are critical, and with the world's population growing and more enterprises rising, the traffic flow of ships must be assessed and analysed, and ships must be controlled appropriately; this also falls under maritime administration. The most essential role of maritime administration is to prevent contamination of water bodies, which is the most challenging work. There are particular laws in place where oil emission and sewage disposal are prohibited. So, these laws are maintained and checked by the maritime administration department. References: 1.<a href=" https://www.imo.org/ ">IMO</a> 2. The Relationship between Tasks of Maritime Administration, the IMO Voluntary Member State Audit Scheme and Principles of New Public Management by author Ahmed Hamdy Moursy (Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport, Egypt)

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