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<h1>Tank Coating</h1> A ship faces different climatic conditions, to tackle these conditions variety of services are required in order to keep the ship safe and long lasting. The different parts of ship come across different conditions for this there are various coating services which help these parts of the ship in their long run and keep them safe otherwise, if proper services are not applied then it may have adverse effects on the ship. So, to avoid this, coating services should be made available so as to inspect the parts of the vessel after certain time frame and then if needed appropriate action is taken. For tanks, there are coating services required and which are very essential. Tank coating is basically preventing the steel from corrosion, also these coatings act as a shield and it is very useful for the liquid cargo tanks which transport crude oil or other chemicals. The tank coating is necessary as most of the time the material used for these tanks is mild steel, despite being a good resistant material against lot of goods, still coating is required as lot of times it is also vulnerable against many goods. Also, by applying coating on mild steel it makes a polished layer which is further good for cleaning of the tanks, also it lowers down the impurities present earlier on the tanks. For tank coatings, of liquid cargo tanks, normally coatings are epoxy coatings which are organic and inorganic zinc coatings. Epoxy coatings are coatings, which have 2 components namely, epoxy resin and polyamine hardener, these components are combined to form a chemical reaction that causes a bond between the two components, finally epoxy coatings when set fully, it creates a long-lasting and stiff plastic covering which has variety of favoured mechanical qualities. Tank coatings, should be done very carefully, if these coatings get damaged then it is great loss to the goods present, therefore with lot of precautions as well as with concentration it should be carried out. As like, liquid cargo tanks, coating is also required by ballast water tanks, as these places include fluctuating degrees of salt water as well the temperature is moderate which make them suitable for corrosion. Coal-tar epoxy systems are mainly used for coating of ballast water tanks. Ballast water tank coating is highly needed to prevent them from corrosion or any type of rust in order to save the money and at the same time having a good operation of ship thereby making it efficient. References: 1.<a href=" https://nauticalclass.com/tank-material-and-coatings-on-chemical-tanker/ ">Nauticalclass.com</a> 2. <a href="https://sspc.org/learning_center/suggested-coating-systems-for-different-areas-of-a-ship/">Sspc.org</a>

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