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<h1>UHP wall Crawlers</h1> For all types of vessels, the fouling is seen on the hull due to organisms in the water, this fouling has lot of adverse effects on the vessel, for this there are many preventive measures so as to reduce the effects of fouling. There are coating services which help to protect the vessel from this fouling. There are also many cleaning technologies where this fouling can be cleaned and the vessel can be protected, for this time-to-time inspection should be carried out in order to be aware about the fouling, as fouling can drastically lower down the life of the vessel. This cleaning can be done underwater as well as on the dock it can be carried out. For underwater cleaning there are various technologies available apart from divers. When the vessel is dry docked, the hull of the vessel which has many marine organisms settled on it which is basically known as fouling, is cleaned properly, in order to remove the complete fouling on the hull. For this there are various technologies available in the market, there are ultra-high pressure wall crawlers which can clean the outer side of the vessel, these crawlers are basically devices, which stick to the surface of the vessel with the help of magnets, due to this their crawling becomes easier, they can be operated via remote, their operating pressure is very high which is around 3000 bar, and because of this the dust and dirt and waste water is removed completely and also, there is proper extraction of dirt and waste water with the help of vacuum systems. These devices are cost effective and also the maintenance is not much, there are also ultra-high pressure water jetting technologies which are carried out by some expert staff, in that there is lot of safety required and also it is time consuming and hard-work for humans, in order to make the life simpler these ultra-high pressure wall crawlers are safe as well as the working is efficient, also in such cleanings, there is height issue for big vessels, so there comes the safety precautions for humans, but for the devices it is not that difficult, hence, for proper cleaning of the outer side of the vessel, ultra-high pressure wall crawlers should be utilized. References: 1.<a href=" http://terra-t.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Info-Magnet-Crawler-VacuMag-3000a.pdf">Terra-t.com</a>