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<h1>Diving Services</h1> Diving services are performed by professional divers, it is not an easy task as there are lot of precautions taken while doing these diving tasks, there are various systems build through which these divers go under the water and do the required tasks, also even if there are no systems, these expert commercial divers can go beneath the water and perform the task, under proper safety measures diving services need to be carried out. Diving services are mainly for the underwater maintenance and checking purpose. The underwater hull cleaning which is very important task from the economical point of view and also for the vessel it is good in it long run to have the hull cleaned and checked properly from time to time, this cleaning of hull is included in diving services, the divers go underwater and clean the fouling which is settled on the hull, there are various systems, by which this cleaning takes place the task is very tough and therefore in order to do this there are commercial expert marine divers and only they should perform these services as they are trained and experienced for the task. Like hull cleaning, polishing of propeller is also included in diving services, propeller polishing is necessary in order to have smooth surface, which gets disturbed by the organisms in the water, to have a good performance of the ship it is very important to have propeller polishing after regular time interval, for this diving services are very helpful, as they can inspect as well as do the propeller polishing if necessary. Also, sometimes repairing underwater is also performed by expert divers, which is also included in diving services. In diving services, the surveys and inspections underwater are carried out, in this task, divers go deep inside the water and have a closer look on the damages, weld operations, and all this is captured in the camera which are high-definition cameras, there are pictures and videos taken which help in later repairing if there is any major damage. Apart from hull cleaning, propeller polishing, surveys and inspection underwater, diving services also include examining and checking different subsea structures and various welding and cutting tasks underwater. To have a good performance of vessel, irrespective of vessel’s size and shape, the diving services are necessary, after a certain time frame, so that there are no major repairing or cleaning work under the water. References: 1. <a href="https://www.tritondivingservices.com/#service ">tritondivingservices</a> 2. <a href="https://seatec-services.com/subsea/cleaning/">/seatec-services.com</a>

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