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<h1>Pipe welding robot</h1> Today, automation is used in every area, and without it, it is very difficult to exist in today's world, because the rising number of businesses and short delivery times while being cost efficient and of high quality can only be done with the aid of automation. Many activities that are carried out on a global level are carried out with the help of ships, and the maritime sector ensures that shipments all over the world are delivered at the required time, for this the ships must perform without any breakdown in between and at the same time there should not be huge expenses, so where ever required if proper use of automation is done then maritime commerce can be made more faster and more reliable. Vessels rely extensively on pipe systems, and failure of these piping systems can have a negative impact on the ship's operation. Welding operations are critical for piping systems. For this welding operation, expert workers are required, and there is a current shortage of these workmen. Furthermore, these workers cannot perform the welding operation as quickly as a robot, so many companies now rely on robots for welding operations. Robotic welding of pipe, delivers a durable and adaptive system; moreover, robotic welding guarantees that there is increased development of joints and robust merging, ensuring that piping systems do not break. Robotic welding’s main emphasis is on programming and correct coding, it significantly depends on the technology, calibration and testing, and process control. This welding can be done by laser or arc welding; arc welding is most commonly used for pipes, so robotic arc welding is best suited for pipes. In robotic welding, the head and arm of the robot play an important role, and the function of the robot varies depending on the type of welding, laser or arc. Robotic systems ensure that the work done every time is of the same quality, that there are no similar mistakes, that it is done according to the programming that has been set, and that these robots can work in narrow areas where it is usually difficult for humans to work because there are various piping systems in vessels and there are not huge spaces to work in and for this there are expert workforce, but as these workers usually do not get easily and due to that there are these robots who can do their job with much more precision and quality and at the same time without consuming much time. References: 1. <a href="https://resources.arcmachines.com/welding-piping-systems-onboard-ship-ami/ ">Arcmachines</a> 2. <a href="https://www.kemppi.com/en-US/support/welding-abc/robotic-welding/#34e2e1a3 ">Kemppi</a> 3. <a href="https://www.sobieskiinc.com/blog/5-benefits-automated-pipe-welding-affords/">Sobieskiinc</a>