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<h1>TCNC Table</h1> Vessels have to travel on long voyages and therefore have to face extreme weather conditions; for these conditions, vessels must be prepared, and their performance must be good; a lot of activities all over the world rely on the shipping business; and for this reason, vessels must be maintained and repaired appropriately to avoid failure and delays. Automation is now vital in every sector, including the maritime sector. It is critical to have automated tools for ship building in order to manufacture high-quality ships with no human errors and everything flawlessly made according to the plan in order to avoid future component breakdown. Nowadays, there is also shortage of experts who are skilled in cutting and welding operations, and because so much trade and commerce is dependent on vessels, it is also difficult to complete the service on time with these skilled workers; human errors cannot be ignored in this, and thus there is less consistency. Computer Numerical Control (CNC) is a machine that cuts using computer programming, and currently there are CNC Tables where pipes and other components are cut and welded to give them the exact form and size. There are CNC Plasma Cutting Tables that cut the metal plate at a high speed and produce the desired form in seconds; this procedure is highly effective and produces outstanding results; hence, these CNC tables may benefit the marine sector owing to their precision, efficiency, and dependability. CNC tables are useful in various fabricating works in ships, for ships there are various parts that need to be repaired after a certain time interval, for this there are various cuttings done, and usually repairing a ship means that the ship is out of service, and vessel owners want to have quick and accurate repairing, for this the best solution nowadays is CNC plasma tables where the work is done in an accurate way with zero human errors and everything goes well. Most of the times, material is wasted and a lot of money is spent on the workforce, resulting in unnecessary expenses; however, with the help of a CNC plasma table, this can be reduced because with plasma cutting, material is not wasted and only the needed amount of material is utilised, reducing unnecessary wastage and expenses. As a result, CNC tables are extremely useful in the maritime sector for optimum functioning. References: 1. <a href="https://www.hypertherm.com/learn/industries/shipbuilding/ ">Hypertherm</a> 2. <a href="https://stvcnc.com/what-is-a-cnc-plasma-table-and-why-should-i-buy-one/">Stvcnc</a>