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In the shipping industry, class renewal refers to the process of maintaining a ship's classification with a classification society. Classification societies are organizations that evaluate and certify the safety and quality of ships and their systems and equipment. Classification societies establish rules and standards for the design, construction, and maintenance of ships, and they provide independent third-party assessment of a ship's compliance with these standards. Class renewal involves the periodic inspection of a ship by a classification society to ensure that it is in compliance with the relevant rules and standards. This may involve inspections of the ship's hull, machinery, electrical and electronic systems, and other equipment, as well as the review of maintenance and repair records. If a ship passes the class renewal inspection, it will be issued a certificate of classification, which confirms that the ship is in compliance with the relevant standards and is fit for service. Class renewal is an important part of maintaining the safety and reliability of ships, and it is typically required by shipping companies, insurance providers, and regulatory agencies. It helps to ensure that ships are in good condition and are able to operate safely and efficiently.