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<h1>Abatement Services</h1> The maritime industry is vast and expanding all over the world, with an enormous variety of operations. The maritime industry has various obstacles, and many different services are used to overcome these obstacles. These obstacles are more in the form of environmental obstacles, since vessels must travel all over the world, and as a result, there are various systems working in vessels, as well as there are various different materials necessary to construct a vessel, and all of these materials are used so as to sustain the various conditions faced by vessel, and if the systems and specific parts are not maintained properly at regular time intervals, they might cause a danger to the ecosystem. There are appropriate services available to regulate this and guarantee that no harm is done to the ecosystem. Abatement services guarantee that pollutants that are causing damage to the ecosystem are entirely eradicated from a specified area, such as a certain region of a vessel, and that the pollutants are restricted, such that they do not present a hazard to the ecosystem. Asbestos was widely used on vessels prior to the IMO conventions, but it is still found on vessels, and for that there are very strict measures implemented to completely eliminate the asbestos, which can be done with proper abatement services because removing asbestos from vessel is a very challenging work and there are skilled experts who do this work as asbestos is very risky for health as well as the environment, and it should be eliminated with proper care. There are additional materials and coatings on the vessel that are also harmful to ecology; thus, abatement services are critical. For example, lead is found in many ship paints and coatings and must be handled and eliminated carefully to minimize further harm to the ecology. Abatement services are responsible for safely removing and disposing of harmful materials so that they do not cause additional harm to the health system or ecosystem. These services are critical in order to preserve a healthy environment and provide a decent future to coming generations. References: 1. <a href="https://www.imo.org/en/OurWork/Safety/Pages/Asbestos.aspx ">IMO</a> 2.<a href=" https://www.envirovac.com/marine-asbestos-abatement">Envirovac</a>