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Wärtsilä Underwater Services

Wärtsilä Underwater ServicesTrusted SERVICE_SUPPLIER by Trusteddocks 

Terneuzen, Netherlands

Wӓrtsilӓ Underwater Services (formerly Trident) started its journey as an underwater service provider with a team of two divers in September 1993, specialising in repairing, overhauling and servicing seagoing vessels, marine installations and rigs for the commercial, energy and navy markets. Since then, it has established a far-reaching partner network of factory-trained, industry-certified diver technicians operating on a global scale, as well as a number of offices across Europe. That, combined with its industry-specific product training programmes and access to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products and solutions, positions it to offer technical maritime support and solutions when customers need it most, while guaranteeing a high standard of service and commercial diving equipment. Its innovative approach, outside-the-box thinking and ability to handle warrantee claims have proven invaluable to customers, which is why it is considered the OEM’s underwater service provider of choice.more

Address Wärtsilä Underwater Services, Mr, Meester F.J. Haarmanweg 75, 4538 AN Terneuzen, Netherlands
Website https://www.wartsila.com/marine/maintain/underwater-services
Phone +31 115 612 872
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