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<h1>Diving support for repairs</h1> Diving services are offered by highly qualified divers; that is not a simple task because many safety measures must be taken while conducting these diving activities. There are different systems created through which these divers go beneath the water and carry out the necessary activities; diving services must be provided under appropriate safety precautions. Diving services are mainly for underwater inspection and repairing, these services are highly important for the vessel. As these services are offered by divers, these divers need a support, this support is provided by a vessel which is specially designed for this purpose where all the equipment which are required by divers can be kept and it is designed in such a way that there is proper deck area for the divers and the vessel can support these divers for the repairing job underwater. Diving support vessels are very helpful for diving services in open water underneath and around oil production rigs and related infrastructure. Divers also do their tasks in hostile situations where the conditions are not that good - in such case for doing inspection and repairing work underwater, they need support for this nowadays there are vessels designed in such way that they are effective for these divers to do their task in these difficult conditions. These diving support vessels should be fitted with dynamic positioning system, they assist the vessel to remain stable on the ocean or sea water. This system should not get failed as if this system fails when the divers are beneath the water then it may harm the diver because the vessel will not be steady anymore and it may drift from the required destination. To go deep underwater, divers should have proper breathing conditions, otherwise conditions can get worse, resulting in difficulties such as asphyxia due to a lack of oxygen. For this, divers should get proper support from saturation diving system which is designed on a diving support vessel, these systems assures that specific vital gases are mixed, such as helium and oxygen, are present for the diver. Hence, saturation diving is the favoured method for long-term deep diving activities. Diving support vessels are therefore very essential for a diver, as these vessels help the diver in every possible way, so that these divers can do various tasks underwater without any difficulties, diving services are very important for oil and gas industry, for that a diver has to perform lot of tasks, underwater and for this diver needs a support which can guarantee the safety also in harsh conditions. References: 1. <a href="http://offshore-fleet.com/data/dsv.htm ">Offshore-Fleet</a> http://offshore-fleet.com/data/dsv.htm 2. <a href="https://www.marineinsight.com/types-of-ships/what-is-a-diving-support-vessel/">Marineinsight.com</a>