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<h1>Underwater Services</h1> Underwater services are very essential for ships, specially for ships with long voyages it becomes necessary to have underwater services to ensure good condition and maintain the ship so that it can sustain and have a good long run. Underwater services are performed by specialist divers and also nowadays remote operated vehicles can also perform these services. Underwater services are mainly done for overhauling and cleaning purpose of vessels. Due to biofouling on ship’s hull there are lot of problems and these problems are solved with the help of underwater services, which ensure proper cleaning of hull, the diving persons go into the water and clean the hull, also today with the help of underwater ROV, the underwater services have become lot more easier, as these vehicles can effectively do the work of divers and also lot of times there are safety issues for divers who do these services, hence with the ROV it becomes easier to do these underwater services. Underwater services also include propeller cleaning, this is very necessary as propeller if not cleaned properly they can get scratchy which causes in loss of power and also increase in fuel consumption which is not good for ship, that is why propeller cleaning is must to maintain the vessel. Also, underwater services include inspection of the ship, nowadays, because of underwater ROV the inspection from deep below the water has become easy, as after the certain limit where divers cannot go these ROV can operate and with the help of cameras, proper inspection is possible of the vessel. Cleaning of silicone paint is also included in underwater services. So, for proper maintenance and also for repairing in case of minor damages underwater services are necessary so as to ensure a good life for a vessel. Reference: 1. <a href="https://youtu.be/lL_RfSZcvBY ">YouTube</a>


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