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<h1>Hull cleaning</h1> Hull cleaning is carried out as there is lot of fouling on a ship’s hull and because of this there are problems for ships which causes the ship in its speed reduction and also it increases consumption of fuel. As these are some major issues and therefore it makes cleaning of hull very important, and also for vessel owners it is headache if the hull is not cleaned, as the fouling is not good for the vessel in its long run. For long distant ships, even if it is kept in good condition there are lot of organisms which get settled on the ship’s hull. For this IMO has enforced some strict majors under which it becomes very crucial to make sure hull cleaning is done regularly. Underwater hull cleaning is mostly carried out as it saves time and also can be done withing regular intervals, there is no need to lift the ship and then cleaning the hull, as it is very time consuming. Underwater cleaning of hull is done by skilled divers they clean the foul like algae and some other marine organisms which are there on the hull. Hull cleaning is mostly suggested for vessels after having some long-distance sailing, and the main factor which is seen is the decreased speed of the ship. If this underwater cleaning of hull is done at frequent time intervals, then there is definitely increase in the speed of ship, which results in decrease of consumption of fuel. The vessel can also work more if the hull cleaning is done properly after proper time intervals. Thorough cleaning eliminates most residues of fouling, keeping the coating of the hull intact. This cleaning of hull is recommended for all types of ships, there are no restrictions on the type of ships. References: 1. <a href="https://diving-ms.com.ua/en/articles/94-underwater-cleaning-of-ships-hull-cleaning-and-polishing-of-propellers/ ">Diving-ms.com.ua</a> 2. <a href="https://glomeep.imo.org/technology/hull-cleaning/ ">Glomeep.imo.org</a> 3. <a href="https://youtu.be/WekaMhv5J4U ">YouTube</a>