Features & Benefits for shipyards



Your shipyard will be found easily on

Represent your shipyard  directly in front of global ship managers & owners. Display all your facilities, equipment, staff, certificates, experience and reference projects. 



Become a premium member and accelerate your marketing success 

Enhance your business by using the premium account and select from various add-on modules according to your specific demands.


Receive online recommodations

With the forecast add-on you will be provided with data of ships trading close to your shipyard that are due for Intermediate Class Surveys or Special Surveys within the next 12 months. Get in touch with the owner or technical manager proactively and get your shipyard facilities better utilized and scheduled.


Simplify communication  between you and shipowners

Receive enquiries from shipowners or technical managers via and send related tenders via the platform easily. Faciliate your business and make use of the advantages of


Receive ratings and recommendations

Ask your customers for their professional evaluation of how your shipyard performed during their latest project. Attract other shipowners and technical managers for their upcoming dockings or shipyard calls with sound reputation and ratings from your customers.


Conduct research and identify business potentials

Find out what your competitors are doing and see the utilization of the market. Be informed about your competitors’ capacities and performances. Shape your profile for a competitive environment.