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Max. Length: unlimited  | Max. Width: 80.0 m  | Max. Draft: 13.3 m

Nantong, China-Founded in 1995 | Sailing area: South East Asia (China, Vietnam)

NANTONG COSCO KHI SHIP ENGINEERING CO., LTD.(hereinafter called “NACKS”) is a large-scale shipbuilding joint venture between China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company (hereinafter called “COSCO”) and Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. (hereinafter called “KHI”). COSCO, as one of the largest shipping companies in the world, owns and operates about 800 vessels with a total capacity of over 50 million DWTs. KHI has two world-class shipyards at Kobe and Sakaide. COSCO and KHI have been enjoying a good cooperation for several decades. In order to take the full advantage of both sides in capital, shipbuilding technology, ship market and management experience, COSCO and KHI jointly invested 5 billion RMB¥ to establish this new shipbuilding venture. The registered capital of NACKS is 1.46 billion RMB¥ equally shared by COSCO and KHI. The yard layout, with advanced production facilities and equipments, is quite reasonable. NACKS mainly engages in the construction of various kinds of bulk carriers, 150,000DWT to 300,000DWT oil tankers, super-panamax container ship and large-scale car carrier and Special Ship and LNG etc,. Integrating with the advanced shipbuilding technology and management mode of production introduced from KHI and the successful experience of COSCO in organization and management, NACKS, since its foundation in 1999, has made remarkable accomplishment in worldwide shipbuilding industry and successfully realized the great leap-forward development constructing from 47,000DWT Bulk Carrier → 5,400TEU Container Ships, 300,000DWT VLCC → 5,000PCC → 6,200PCC →300,000DWT VLOC →10,000TEU Container Ships →13,386TEU Container Ships, With the constructing of 13,386TEU container ship and 28,000-DWT General Cargo Ship(Heavy Lift), NACKS made further progress in high-tech shipbuiding field. Since its foundation, NACKS has setted several new records in Chinese shipbuilding industry in terms of ship type, and its steel use ratio, power consumption per 10 thousand USD of output value, and other economic and technical index are keeping leading within China for years. In addition, the successful development of NACKS also fully satisfied by its two shareholders, local government, and all parties in the society. It has been successively awarded as “Top 500 Chinese Foreign-Funded Enterprise”, “Top 200 Chinese Export Enterprise”, “Top 500 Chinese Import-Export Enterprise”, “Top 100 Chinese Machinery Enterprise”, and “National Labor Award”. After development for years, NACKS has fostered and developed advantages in terms of talent, technology, and management. In the future, NACKS will further accelerate to upgrade products, and strive to become an important base of designing, developing, and manufacturing of high-level ships, and keep taking the lead in shipbuilding market.morehide

Address No.117, LinJiang Road Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, 117 Linjiang Road, 226005 Nantong, CHINA, 226005 Nantong, China
Website https://www.nacks.com.cn
Phone +86-513-85168888
Fax +86-513-83514349
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Currently 42 ships under constraction / orders in this shipyard.

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Newbuild Orderbook
Order Status Vessel Type Order Date Delivery Date
Option Tankers 2015-Nov-01
Ordered Bulk carriers 2015-Dec-01 2022-Oct-31
Ordered Bulk carriers 2022-Aug-01 2023-Dec-31
Ordered Bulk carriers 2022-Mar-01 2024-Nov-30
Ordered Bulk carriers 2022-Jun-01 2025-Feb-28
Ordered Bulk carriers 2022-Feb-01 2024-Feb-29
Ordered Bulk carriers 2022-May-01 2024-Aug-31
Ordered Bulk carriers 2022-Jun-01 2024-Aug-31
Ordered Bulk carriers 2022-Aug-01 2023-Oct-31
Ordered Bulk carriers 2022-Feb-01 2024-Jun-30
Ordered Bulk carriers 2022-Feb-01 2024-May-31
Ordered Bulk carriers 2022-Jun-01 2024-Dec-31
Ordered Bulk carriers 2021-Jul-01 2023-Feb-28
Ordered Bulk carriers 2021-Jun-01 2022-Nov-30
Ordered Bulk carriers 2021-Dec-01 2023-Dec-31
Ordered Bulk carriers 2021-Dec-01 2024-Mar-31
Ordered Bulk carriers 2021-Jul-01 2023-Apr-30
Ordered Bulk carriers 2022-Apr-01 2024-Jun-30
Ordered Bulk carriers 2021-Oct-01 2023-Jul-31
Ordered Bulk carriers 2021-Jun-01 2023-Mar-31
Ordered Bulk carriers 2022-May-01 2024-Nov-30
Ordered Bulk carriers 2021-Jul-01 2023-May-31
Ordered Bulk carriers 2022-Feb-01 2024-Mar-31
Ordered Bulk carriers 2021-Jun-01 2022-Nov-30
Ordered Container vessels 2021-Sep-01 2024-Dec-31
Ordered Container vessels 2021-Sep-01 2025-Sep-30
Ordered Container vessels 2020-Mar-01 2023-Dec-31
Ordered Container vessels 2021-Sep-01 2025-Dec-31
Ordered Container vessels 2021-Sep-01 2025-Mar-31
Ordered Container vessels 2020-Oct-01 2024-Mar-31
Ordered Container vessels 2022-Oct-01 2026-Sep-30
Ordered Container vessels 2022-Oct-01 2027-Jul-31
Ordered Container vessels 2022-Oct-01 2027-Jan-31
Ordered Container vessels 2022-Oct-01 2027-May-31
Ordered Container vessels 2020-Mar-01 2023-Mar-31
Ordered Container vessels 2020-Oct-01 2024-Jun-30
Ordered Container vessels 2020-Oct-01 2024-Jan-31
Ordered Container vessels 2022-Oct-01 2026-Nov-30
Ordered Container vessels 2022-Oct-01 2026-Jul-31
Ordered Container vessels 2020-Mar-01 2023-Sep-30
Ordered Container vessels 2021-Sep-01 2025-Jun-30
Ordered Container vessels 2022-Oct-01 2027-Mar-31

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