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<h1>Drydock</h1> Maintenance and repairing are the most important and essential aspects of vessels because without maintaining and repairing the vessel after a certain time frame, the vessel will not deliver up to the expectations. For this maintenance and repairing work, there is an area where vessels can be maintained and repaired to avoid breakdowns in between voyages, this area is referred to as dry dock, where the vessels are taken to the land and proper servicing and examination work is performed, also there are different methods where floating dry dock is also possible, where the vessel does not necessarily come on land but instead floats on a barge in water. According to SOLAS, the vessel should be at a dry dock facility and a proper examination of the hull should be done after a specified time frame, therefore in order to meet these standards, the hull must be evaluated a couple of times throughout a five-year period. As a result, proper dry dock services must be used. Dry docking a vessel is not an easy task because there are a number of complications. Getting the vessel to the dry dock is also a difficult task, as proper measures must be followed and measurements must be taken in order to fit the vessel in the exact position. The task is also risky and can damage the hull or part of the vessel if not done properly. Dry docking has several advantages, including the ability to properly check all sections and pieces of the vessel after it is removed from the water. This inspection is critical, and with the assistance of classification societies, future implementations may be determined and work can then be carried out. Cleaning and inspecting the hull becomes easier with competent dry dock services. Other components of vessels that are mainly submerged may also be adequately checked and repaired if there is any wear and tear. With appropriate dry dock services, the repairing and maintenance work of the vessel becomes very easy, because dry dock services ensure that the schedule of inspection and repairing is planned and that it is carried out in proper time intervals; otherwise, if the vessel is too long at dry dock, it impacts on the trade and commerce related to the vessel; therefore, to avoid this, there are proper dry dock services which guarantee the servicing of the vessel in agreed timelines. References: 1.<a href=" https://www.britannica.com/technology/dry-dock ">Britannica</a> 2. <a href="https://www.marineinsight.com/guidelines/dry-dock-types-of-dry-docks-requirements-for-dry-dock/">Marineinsight.com</a>