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<h1>Lifted onshore for scrapping</h1> As the maritime industry is growing, so do the issues. For example, because most vessels carry various commodities from all over the world, there is a lot of scrap that comes with these vessels, and most of the time this scrap is ignored on the dock areas. This scrap is harmful to the environment, and proper care and handling facilities should be available to remove the scrap from the dock areas. There is a lot of scrap material that comes from large vessels, and all of this scrap is not trash or waste; instead, it can be recycled and reused; however, proper handling facilities should be available on the dock, and there are service providers who ensure that the scrap is not wasted and can be separated and later sent to recycling facilities. Today, it is simpler to hoist scrap with the use of cranes, which are accessible on dock areas. There are many benefits to this, including time and cost savings, as well as the elimination of labour work, as only the crane operators run the crane and accordingly the scrap can be lifted. Furthermore, this scrap should not be left onshore for an extended period of time since it is harmful to the ecosystem, and it should be removed as quickly as possible. Onshore lifting services are available for this purpose, and these services enable a quick scrapping procedure of products that are damaging to the ecosystem. When repairing or breaking ships, there are many scrap materials from the ships that are present onshore; these materials also contain asbestos, which is harmful to the health system as well as it causes harm to the ecosystem; there are also many materials that are heavy to lift, and it is not always easy for humans to do so because there are certain materials from the ships which are risky and can cause health problems. To prevent all of these issues, there are onshore lifting services that assure the safe handling of these scrap materials as well as other waste products that cannot be recycled. References: 1.<a href=" https://youtu.be/VqyozoatUmg ">YouTube</a> 2. <a href="https://www.recyclingtoday.com/article/scrap-handler-supplement----handling-the-tough-assignments/">Recyclingtoday.com</a>