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<h1>Wet berth</h1> Berth is referred to as an area in the dock or wharf, where ships can be moored when they are not in the operation. Berths make it simple to transport the goods from ships. Ships can be kept in these berths using either a wet berth or a dry berth. Wet berths are where ships are in water, and dry berths are where ships are not in water, dry berth is more ideal for medium size ships, while in the case of large ships, wet berths are more easily accessible since the ship is in water, and so minimal effort is required to launch the ship. Ships can be harmed by keeping them in wet berths for an extended period of time owing to germs and organisms in the port area, but there are current solutions for these problems, with the help of various washing and polishing services, there are no concerns with keeping the ship in water. There are several additional facilities, that keep the ship safe at a wet berth; also, these berth areas are built to the right size and are ideal for the specific type of ship, so that there is no difficulty for manoeuvring the ship. Nowadays, various maintenance and repairing services are available even if the ship is kept in a wet berth area; there is no requirement for the ship to be kept in a dry berth. When the ship is dry docked, there is a high risk of damage and it takes time. Also, when the ship has been repaired and inspected and is ready for operation, it takes time to launch the ship into the water, but in the case of wet berths, the ship is already in the water and it takes less time to manoeuvre the ship. There are many repairing services that can be carried out when the ship is at wet berth, such as mechanical and electrical services, installation services, cleaning and blasting services, painting services, and many more essential maritime services, and thus the ship is not always required to be dry docked. It is also not profitable for ship operation that the ship is dry docked for repairing after a regular period of time, when it can be repaired at wet berth. This eventually results in excellent ship maintenance in scheduled time and with less expenses, as well as not keeping the ship out of service for a long period of time. References: 1.<a href=" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berth_(moorings) ">Wikipedia</a> 2. <a href="https://www.theboatshopasia.com/berthing ">Theboatshopasia.com</a> 3. <a href="https://trident-marine.com/dry-or-wet-boat-storage-pros-and-cons/">Trident-Marine</a>