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Account Options for Maritime Service Providers

Maritime service providers can choose between free or premium memberships on

  • Web profile
  • Receive online request (RFQ)
  • Tender participation*
  • Business opportunities via e-mail alerts
  • Vessel positions & ETAs*
  • Customer reviews
  • TD classified and job board
  • Shipyard database (repair & newbuild)
  • Watchlist (shipyards, managers, vessels)
  • Banner on website
  • Newsletter integration
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Business Generator

    Vessel live positions

    Vessel sailing routes (AIS)

    Docking history and forecast (AIS)

    Vessel database

    Watchlist alerts (vessels, shipyards, managers, anchorages)

    Up to 5 user accounts**


    Orderbook of new-build vessels worldwide

    Up to 5 user accounts**

API data integration

* doesn't charge comissions or a brokarage fee from service providers. business modell is based on annual subsciptions - We don't charge commissions or brokerage fees from shipowners, shipmanagers, shipyards or other members of our community.

** Additional accounts can be activated per request.