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Vlissingen, Netherlands
Dimensions Max. Length: 210.0m / 689.0ft  | Max. Width: 50.0m / 164.0ft  | Max. Draft: 5.9m / 19.4ft
  • New Buildings
  • Repairs
    • Dry Dockings
    • Ship Repairs
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Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding (DSNS), established in Vlissingen has a rich tradition of naval shipbuilding with its original navy roots stemming back more than 140 years. At that time the Royal Schelde shipyard, based in Vlissingen in the Netherlands, was known worldwide for its quality shipbuilding, both in the naval and commercial sector. Over the decades the emphasis on quality continued and in 2001 Damen Shipyards Group acquired Royal Schelde along with all of its subsidiaries. Following the acquisition, Damen then introduced its unique, standardised modular construction concept in Vlissingen too, allowing us to offer very fast delivery times. We have delivered more than 400 vessels since 1875 to satisfied customers all over the world and have earned a reputation for excellence along the way. We have achieved this status by producing vessels that have a lifespan that far exceeds the average by offering cutting-edge technology and the most cost efficient design solutions. As well as building naval vessels at its facility at Vlissingen-East in the Netherlands, DSNS can work with yards anywhere in the world to assist them in new building or refit projects. Many more customers prefer to use local yards these days for reasons to develop their national shipbuilding capabilities through the transfer of skills and technology. DSNS has responded to this by adapting its processes to enable them to benefit from Damen expertise and support while using their own preferred yards. Everything from design and manufacturing to construction and project management has been optimised for local production. An important step before the start of any local build project is determining the capabilities of the yard involved. Once that is established Damen can provide a suitable package based on the provision of all necessary documentation including complete drawing sets, and the delivery of materials and components on time and in sequence. This can be done for any naval vessel. Construction can also take place in more than one yard with different modules being built at different locations and then transported to a single yard for final assembly and commissioning. In today's rapidly changing world, it is important to stay ahead of developments. That's why navies worldwide are constantly reviewing their fleets in order to adapt to new Operational and Mission profiles. Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding (DSNS) responds to global market demands by offering flexibility and unbeatable technical and commercial solutions. We specialise in Refits, Conversions, Upgrades, Modifications, Midlife Modernisations and Life Extensions of all makes and types. An experienced partner Over the years, DSNS has earned the reputation of a reliable partner that delivers on time and within budget. Refits can be executed in one of the many shipyards of the Damen Shipyards Group or in any other suitable location. Know-how DSNS has a long and successful track record in the fields of naval design, engineering and construction. We collaborate closely with customers to provide tailor-made solutions for all Refit and Conversion requirements. We cooperate with all leading manufacturers of weapons and sensors. Our Refit expertise ranges from Naval Architecture, Engineering and Steelwork to Propulsion, Electrical and Auxiliary systems and from Outfit & Furnishings to Integrated Combat Systems. Project management The success of DSNS lies in its ability to manage the entire Refit Process, from Engineering to Testing and Verification. This is accomplished by a dedicated Project Management team that carries out the project in partnership with the customer's own Project Team. Our Project Management team members are all highly qualified and seasoned professionals. To ensure a smooth Refit Process, our Project Management team assumes responsibility for Customer Communication, Risk Management, Quality Control, Cost Schedule Status and Compliance with Contractual Requirements. Our team also coordinates the Engineering, Purchasing and Construction/Outfitting teams and oversees the verification, acceptance and delivery of the vessel. The team's main objective is to deliver the project within budget, on time and in accordance with the technical criteria. Customer satisfaction also receives top priority. Refit on location DSNS has an outstanding reputation in both Construction and Refits. With the support of Damen’s extensive repair and conversion branch we will execute refits of Damen-built or non- Damen built vessels. It is the customer’s choice to have the work done at a Damen Shipyard or any other suitable location.more

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