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Shipyard name Nihon Shipyard Co., Ltd.
Tokyo, Japan
Nihon Shipyard Co., Ltd.
  • New Buildings

Nihon Shipyard Co., Ltd. was founded in January 2021 through a joint venture between lmabari Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. and Japan Marine United Corporation. Nihon Shipyard was established with the intention of enhancing the international competitiveness of both the Imabari and JMU merchant marine sectors. This was done in recognition of the fact that the global competitive environment is becoming more challenging as shipbuilding enterprises merge and reorganise. To maximise the effectiveness of their partnership, the two major shipbuilders capitalised on their respective strengths and developed a system that allows them to offer products and services that exceed traditional frameworks of delivery faster and more competitively in the international market. Nihon Shipyard will oversee the development of the ship’s design, product and technology, whereas Imabari and/or JMU's shipbuilding companies will build the ship according to the approved design and technology. While each of the three shipbuilding companies currently manages their contractual business independently, Nihon Shipyard will ultimately be responsible for their overall sales & marketing efforts. Nihon Shipyard Co., Ltd. lmabari Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. Production Design Sales and Marketing Product development/ basic design Functional design Construction Japan Marine United Corporation Production Design Procurement Construction Imabari Shipbuilding and Japan Marine United launch new joint venture (ship-technology.com) https://www.nsyc.co.jp The new joint venture will be 51%-owned by Imabari, while Japan Marine United will hold 49 percent.more

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