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<h1>Dismantling ramp</h1> The ramp term used in ships refers to the path that allows for loading and unloading with the assistance of trucks and trollies, but mostly the loading and unloading of automobiles in ro-ro ships. The ramp is basically the connection between the terminal and the ship. However, there is another structure that is similar to the ramp and performs the same purpose; however, the linkspan differs from the ramp in that it is positioned on the port and can be hydraulic or moving, depending on the port facilities, and it joins the port to the vessel. Therefore, linkspan is basically a path that can be set up according to the port facilities, and there are various kinds of linkspan. The basic goal of this linkspan is to connect the port to the ship in order to have a smooth transfer, and mostly ro-ro ships that are used for automobile transfer from one terminal to another use this linkspan because it provides an easy way to load and unload the automobiles. Linkspan essentially minimizes the time necessary for loading and unloading while also being extremely safe and secure. Linkspan has to be inspected at regular intervals, and with good maintenance, it may service longer. Linkspan should be built and implemented correctly, with future use in mind. Also, the stability standards should be observed and maintained as needed. There are height issues which should be checked along with the stability standards. There are several ecological aspects that should be addressed, since most of the time if these linkspan are not in use for a long period of time, it is difficult for the terminal regions to handle and may have negative impacts on the ecosystem. This linkspan must be adjusted in accordance with the weather conditions surrounding the terminal, which includes tidal and wave influences. With longer duration linkspan has to be dismantled because of safety and health issues, and also if it is used for longer than its duration it could have adverse consequences, so dismantling of this ramp should be done, this dismantling is done by initial cutting work and later on lifting the linkspan structure as it is heavy and this lifting is done with cranes, the dismantling has to be done properly so that there are no leftover parts. Dismantling is not a simple process since suitable hoisting services must be available, as well as ideal weather circumstances, and dismantling must be conducted while taking into account all important aspects. The dismantling is highly vital since the structure of the linkspan begins to deteriorate after a specific time frame due to varied weather conditions; to ensure safe dismantling, there are relevant services that ensure the dismantling is performed appropriately. References: 1. <a href="https://www.wartsila.com/encyclopedia/term/linkspan ">Wartsila</a> 2. <a href="https://www.macgregor.com/globalassets/tts/product-sheets/linkspan-folder_new.pdf ">Macgregor</a> 3. <a href="https://www.pecs2seas.eu/portsmouth-international-port-linkspan">Pecs2seas</a>