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<h1>Slipway</h1> A slipway is a path through which vessels are launched into the water after the building task or after maintenance and repairing of the vessel. The significant task after the vessel is built, is to launch it, which necessitates a proper approach for launching the vessel into the water without causing any harm. Also, after large vessels have been repaired and are ready for operation, it is necessary that these vessels are launched in a proper and safe manner. To accomplish all of this, there is a slipway that ensures the vessel is correctly launched into the water. There are different methods for launching the vessel into the water, and these methods vary depending on the type of the vessel. For launching of large vessels, there are roller slideways this is slightly different from the old method of oil slideways, these slideways are easier for launching the large vessel. Roller slideways employ steel sliders and steel sheets to guarantee that the launching is done precisely. This proves to be an excellent way of ship launching in which steel sliders are used rather than oil, as oil is harmful for waterways and can affect the ecology by contaminating the waterways. There are nowadays air balloons utilised for vessel launching, these balloons are referred to as airbags which is a highly creative and reliable approach since these airbags have a significant weight carrying potential and can be reused after vessel launching, giving an excellent option for launching vessels. Appropriate slipway services guarantee that fresh and creative ways for launching the vessel are employed so that no harm is done to the vessel. There are a few costs associated with proper vessel launching via slipway services, but these costs are far less than the costs that can arise if proper slipway services are not employed. Vessel launching is a challenging and complicated task, and in order to successfully complete this task, proper services should be utilized, where vessel launching takes place using an advanced and modern method. References: 1. <a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slipway ">Wikipedia</a> 2. <a href="https://www.marineinsight.com/guidelines/4-types-of-ship-launching-methods/ ">Marineinsight.com</a> ]3. <a href="https://www.luhangairbagfender.com/marine-rubber-airbag/ship-rolling-air-balloon-for-launching-and.html">luhangairbagfender.com</a>