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<h1>Electrical Services</h1> Electrical services are of same importance as mechanical services. For safe operation of vessel, it is vital to have proper electrical fittings on the vessel. Electrical services are mainly related to electrical installations on ships. There are many electrical installations on vessels and for these electrical services are essential. Electrical services include installation of main auxiliary switchboards, the emergency switchboards are also installed under electrical services. All fabrication work regarding these switchboards is also included in electrical services. The checking of navigation systems is very important as it is very important to have an updated navigational system for a vessel to have a safe voyage. The automation system, which perform very crucial tasks in vessel operations, must be inspected and maintained, if these systems are not working, they must be repaired with the help of troubleshooting and all this comes under electrical services. The power distribution network which is of utmost importance must be inspected and repairing of this network is a part of electrical service. Electrical services also include control panel repairing and maintenance of generators. Testing for short circuits and grounds are carried out in these services, proper fitting of wires and if necessary electrical equipment is again installed in case of major damage or are repaired if they have minor damages. Communication systems in vessels play major role, so for their smooth functioning they must be maintained properly, this also is included in electrical services. References: 1. <a href="https://sevenseasjob.com/Electrical-Services-9-service">sevenseasjob.com</a>