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Bilgewater Laboratory Analysis under US EPA VGP Monitoring involves the examination and assessment of bilgewater, a mixture of water and oil that accumulates in the bilge (the lowest part of a ship's hull). This monitoring is conducted to ensure compliance with the United States Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Vessel General Permit (VGP) regulations. It encompasses the collection of bilgewater samples and thorough laboratory testing and analysis to detect and quantify the presence of pollutants, including oil and other contaminants. The primary objective is to confirm that bilgewater discharges from vessels conform to the environmental standards and discharge limits specified in the VGP. By monitoring bilgewater, this process helps minimize the environmental impact of maritime activities on U.S. waters, safeguarding water quality, aquatic ecosystems, and public health while promoting adherence to regulatory requirements.


Baltic Sea

Caribbean Sea

East Africa

East Mediterranean & Black Sea

Indian Ocean

North America East Coast

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Red Sea & Persian Gulf

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South East Asia (China, Vietnam)

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