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Ballast Water Laboratory Analysis under the US EPA VGP Chemical Monitoring is a specific process mandated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as part of the Vessel General Permit (VGP) regulations. This monitoring involves the testing and analysis of chemicals and substances in ballast water discharged from ships and vessels. It aims to identify and quantify potentially harmful chemical contaminants to ensure compliance with environmental standards and protect aquatic ecosystems. This monitoring is crucial in preventing the introduction of hazardous chemicals into sensitive water environments and contributes to the responsible management of ballast water discharge to safeguard the health of marine ecosystems.


Baltic Sea

Caribbean Sea

East Mediterranean & Black Sea

Indian Ocean

North America East Coast

North Asia (Japan, Korea)

North Sea / Atlantic

Red Sea & Persian Gulf

South America East Coast

South America West Coast

South Asia

South East Asia (China, Vietnam)

West Africa

West Mediterranean Sea