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<h1>Steel Works</h1> There is plenty of steel work carried out in vessels, as mostly all the shipbuilding construction takes place in steel, unlike before where wood was considered for building ships, though there are ships, today, which are being made of other materials, steel remains the most used material out of them. Steel is widely utilised in maritime sector, as steel is robust and sufficient to resist the stress which a vessel has to face in its sailing, has good metallurgical as well excellent mechanical qualities and also it is not that expensive. Various types of steel are used in shipbuilding, but from them high tensile steel and stainless steel are common steels which are used for shipbuilding. High tensile steel is extremely durable than the normal steel, hence whenever there are heavy parts being constructed high tensile steel is essential. In ship building, high tensile steel is often utilized in areas of the vessel that are subjected to significant amounts of physical loading. Stainless steel is also utilized in shipbuilding, because of its toughness and endurance. Also, there is possibility of getting rust, as it is non-corrosive, that is why it is considered very important in shipbuilding, and therefore, it is very good for extreme climatic changes which are faced by a vessel. Shipbuilding steel plates are manufactured in accordance with the acceptance of manufacturing techniques of classification organizations in various countries. American Bureau of Shipping, Lloyd’s Register for Shipping, Bureau Veritas and Det Norske Veritas Germanischer Llyod are some of the well-known classification societies. The grades of the steel vary according to its yield strength, there are 4 general steel grades, which are Grade A, Grade B, Grade D and Grade E, further they are again divided according to the higher strength of the steel plate. For different parts on the vessels, there are different materials which are used for construction of their structures. Shell plating is an example of steel work, it is basically an outer structure of a vessel, due to shell plating the skin of the vessel becomes water-repellent and also the longitudinal strength of the vessel increases. Steel as a material in different forms is also used in stern frames and rudder pintles. References: 1. <a href="https://www.texasironandmetal.com/metal-steel-ship-construction/ ">texasironandmetal</a> 2.<a href=" https://metinvestholding.com/en/media/article/stalj-v-sudostroenii-ot-istorii-do-nashih-dnej ">metinvestholding.com</a> 3. <a href="https://www.octalmetals.com/ah36-dh36-eh36-shipbuilding-steel-plate/">octalmetals.com</a>