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A maritime classification society is an organization that assesses and certifies the structural integrity, safety, and environmental performance of ships and other marine structures. These societies are independent organizations that operate on a non-profit basis and are recognized by national and international authorities as competent to carry out inspections, surveys, and certifications of ships and other marine structures. Maritime classification societies play a vital role in the global shipping industry by helping to ensure that ships and other marine structures are built and maintained to high standards of safety, reliability, and environmental performance. They do this by establishing and enforcing technical standards and requirements for the construction, maintenance, and operation of ships and other marine structures, and by performing inspections and surveys to verify that these standards are being met. Maritime classification societies also provide a range of services to the shipping industry, including issuing certificates of classification, issuing statutory certificates required by national and international regulations, and providing technical support and consulting services to shipowners and operators. Some of the most well-known maritime classification societies include Lloyd's Register, DNV GL, and the American Bureau of Shipping.