Main Engine Turbochargers

<h1>Main Engine Turbochargers</h1> Turbochargers are highly important for the main engine of a vessel; depending on the engine, there are usually one, two or three turbochargers; these turbochargers utilise the exhaust gases from the engine to make the engine more effective and efficient. Turbochargers also contribute in enhancing the power to weight ratio of an engine. A turbocharger has two sides; one side takes in hot gases which is close to the exhaust and the other side takes in ambient air; both sides are covered by housings known as the turbine and compressor housings, respectively. In between is a centre housing that is a cartridge unit and is regarded to be the core portion of a turbocharger since it contains all of the crucial parts. This cartridge unit, along with the turbine and compressor housing, forms a turbocharger. There are normally two systems for a turbocharger, one is pulse system and other is constant pressure system. Both the systems have advantages and limitations and also the arrangement of a turbocharger varies according to the system which is utilized. The lubricating system for turbochargers also differs depending on the type of bearings. There are ball bearings and sleeve type bearings, and they both use different lubricating oil systems. For ball bearings, there are oil sumps provided on both casing sides, whereas for sleeve type bearings, there is an external lubricating oil supply system. Labyrinth seals are highly significant and crucial in turbochargers because they separate the bearings from the compressor and the exhaust side, which is the turbine side. This prevents oil leakage on both sides, which can cause efficiency loss and turbocharger surging. It is quite difficult for an engine to be efficient when a turbocharger breaks, even if there is more than one turbocharger; hence, it is important to maintain and examine a turbocharger at frequent intervals. Also, regular servicing of a turbocharger can keep the turbocharger in proper working condition for an extended period of time, eliminating the need to purchase a new turbocharger, which is expensive for a main engine, and the engine can work efficiently for a longer period of time if the turbocharger is maintained appropriately. References: 1.<a href="https://www.brighthubengineering.com/marine-engines-machinery/41366-turbochargers-energizing-the-engines/ ">brighthubengineering.com</a> 2. <a href="https://marineengineeringonline.com/turbochargers/">marineengineeringonline.com</a>